Cheap Fireworks Suppliers and Safety Experts in Bracknell

The Firework Factory, with stores in Reading and Slough, is well positioned to supply Bracknell with quality cheap fireworks. We have also put on a number of displays in the area which have gone down a treat. As seasoned firework suppliers, we’re well aware of the importance of making sure our displays are not only visually spectacular, but safe.

Sparklers can be great fun for all the family and are very cheap fireworks. Our firework shops usually stock a variety of brands and types which range in size and colour. But they should always be treated with respect, as they burn hot and can cause injury if abused.


If you’re money conscious, use sparklers to compliment other cheap fireworks like small rockets and Catherine wheels for an affordable, interactive display. If you’re wondering which to purchase, our firework suppliers will be happy to give you advice as they have for countless other Bracknell based customers.


Below we’ve provided some advice on how to ensure you and your children are safe when using sparklers.


Wear Gloves

Simple but effective advice. Wearing gloves reduces the risk of burning your hands when using a sparkler. Children should always be wearing gloves when handling a sparkler. Adults, if you choose not to, then don’t let the sparkler burn all the way down. This could lead to you burning your hand, which is not fun for anyone!


Supervise Children

No matter how mature a child is, they should always be supervised when handling sparklers. They are far hotter than many people realise and can cause injury even when extinguished if mishandled. So don’t let little ones out of your sight and lead by example.


Children should be taught to respect fireworks from an early age so they don’t mishandle them as they grow older. But under five years old is too young. Never give a sparkler to a child under five.


One at a Time!

We know it can be tempting to light multiple sparklers at once, but it’s never a great idea. Lighting them together could cause a flare up, which can burn whoever is holding them. All good firework shops advise sparkler users to pace themselves and not get carried away when lighting them.


Don’t Get Drunk and Mess Around

Many accidents our firework suppliers hear about are due to the combination of alcohol and sparklers. So if you’re in Bracknell and hosting a night involving fireworks, don’t let heavily intoxicated people near sparklers!


Dispose of Them Responsibly

Have a bucket of water or sand at hand for when a sparkler has burned down. They can remain very hot even after they’ve gone out, so should not be thrown in the bin or touched with the bare hand. This is irresponsible and could cause a fire or burn injuries.


Keep Them Separate from Your Other Fireworks

Stray sparks can ignite fireworks before they’re due to go off, so make sure you keep them separate from each other. Our firework suppliers recommend using sparklers as a warm up to the main event, or a wind down after it.


Don’t Use Outdoor Sparklers Inside

Some specialist sparklers are designed for indoor use but the vast majority are not. Using sparklers inside can be disastrous and cause damage to your home and belongings, so keep them outside.


Ultimately, sparklers are great fun and some of firework shops’ most cheap fireworks. If you’re in Bracknell and plan on using them, treat them with respect and you’ll have a blast!


So if you’re in Bracknell planning a fireworks display, give our firework shops a call. Our Slough firework suppliers on  07882 628379, or our Reading branch on (01189) 670 146.

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