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With two stores in Reading and Slough, The Firework Factory brings a range of both premium and cheap fireworks to Berkshire. Many customers visit our Reading store after hearing about us from friends, family, or after searching for firework suppliers online.


Our firework shops are manned by experts who regularly put on impressive displays on both small and large scales. The Firework Factory’s Reading branch regularly receives calls from domestic and commercial clients in the area who want advice on how best to stage a DIY display, whether it be in their back garden or at a fundraiser.


How to Host a Quality Fireworks Display

As firework suppliers we’ve learned over the years that whether you use premium or cheap fireworks, there are ways to make your show stand out from the crowd. So we’ve listed some tips below on how to stage a fireworks display that spectators won’t forget in a hurry.


Consider and properly plan the display’s running order

While there’s a number of different theories on what constitutes a properly structured display, most firework shops agree that starting out with a big bang helps get spectators’ attention. So our firework suppliers recommend Reading clients secure a large rocket to kick off their display.


Following this, it’s really down to you. But be sure to switch between a variety of effects regularly so the show keeps people guessing and isn’t boring. Cheap fireworks can be used one after another in quick succession to make a good middle section. Think of this part as the filling in the display sandwich.


Then comes the finale. This is the most important part of any display, so save your most visually impressive rockets for the end. A well-ordered display is a lot like a gripping episode of television. Engaging start, properly-paced and varied middle, followed by an ending which sticks in the viewer’s mind. If it all goes to plan, they’ll be talking about the display from days, weeks and months to come, just like a good TV episode!


Get the right fireworks

Both our Reading and Slough firework shops stock a wide range of both premium and cheap fireworks. The Firework Factory team can always provide advice on which fireworks are best for your specific needs.


There are a variety of types of firework: Roman candles, cakes, rockets, single tube shells, comets, mines, helicopters and finned missiles, to name but a few. We recommend most people get a variety of both cheap fireworks and more expensive ones for the finale of their display.


For before and after the main display itself, sparklers can provide your guests with a fun and hands-on activity. Our Reading firework suppliers has a broad selection of sparklers in a range of colours and sizes.


Set up in daylight, light the fuse at night

When staging firework displays in Reading, our firework shops will always set up while it’s light. This allows them to see exactly where rockets should be positioned to maximise their effectiveness. Remember, large open areas are the best places to plant fireworks.


It’s also worth waiting until dark to let fireworks off. It will be far more visually impressive, as every little detail of every rocket will be viewable. During the longer days of summer this may be difficult, but it’s worth exhibiting patience. It also builds audiences’ anticipation.


As firework suppliers we’ve learned over the years that whether you use premium or cheap fireworks, there are ways to make your show standout.


Safety first

No matter how spectacular a fireworks display is, it will be marred by any incident that occurs due to a lack of safety precautions being taken. For example, always keep a large bucket of water or a hose close to hand, they could come in handy!


We also recommend that users ignite fireworks safely using the proper tools, and that crowds are positioned a safe distance away from fireworks. On top of this, pets should remain indoors as they can often be spooked by loud noises.


If you’re in the Berkshire area and require anymore advice or cheap fireworks for your display, then call our Reading store on (01189) 670 146.

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