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The Firework Factory has worked hard to become Slough’s favourite firework suppliers, bringing both top-of-the-range and cheap fireworks alike to party throwers all across the Berkshire area. We now operate two firework shops, the other being in Reading, and hope our increasing popularity allows us to expand further in the future. As we’re experts in pyrotechnics and know a lot about the subject, we thought we’d enlighten you with some facts about fireworks. As Slough’s leading firework suppliers, we’ve done a lot of background reading on the subject, after all.


Did You Know…

Fireworks were first used in China

Fireworks were invented over 2000 years ago in a land far from Slough, China. They were used in a similar manner to how they are now, to celebrate occasions like New Year, but also to frighten enemy armies in battle. The Chinese became internationally renowned for creating simple, cheap fireworks, and to this day China is still the biggest manufacture and exporter of fireworks. In fact, it currently makes a whopping 90% of the world’s total. As they’re experts, we find many of their products end up in our firework shops.


King Henry VII set them off at his wedding

…and this was the first recorded usage of fireworks in England, all the way back in 1486. Nowadays, cheap fireworks are available all across the country from firework suppliers and shops. So they must have gone down a treat!


Fireworks have been used for a number of different reasons

Fireworks have been used for a range of purposes, including to promote prosperity and frighten off evil spirits. So although they’re most commonly used to celebrate special occasions, if you think a troublesome spectre might be haunting your backyard, maybe it’s time to visit one of our firework shops?


It’s common to dream about them

Psychologists say that those who dream of fireworks like to be the centre of attention and boasting to their friends. Apparently, dreaming of fireworks also symbolizes “exhilaration and enthusiasm”. There’s two sides to every story…


The largest ever rocket launched weighed 13.4kg

It was a bit of a monster and launched in Portugal back in 2010. It was produced and launched by the Associaçao Nacional de Empresas de Produtos Explosivos, and we have to say, we’re a little bit jealous we don’t have a few lying about our in our firework shops.


A rocket can hit speeds of 150mph

They can also reach heights of over 200m. Not all of our fireworks pack quite that kind of punch! But visit our Slough firework suppliers and we can provide you with cheap fireworks that’ll leave your audience gobsmacked.


The biggest annual fireworks display is held in Scotland

It’s at Edinburgh’s International Festival Concert, and over a million fireworks are let off in less than an hour. Believe us, it’s certainly a spectacle. But if you need cheap fireworks for a slightly smaller display in or around the Slough area, then we can help you pull it off.


Now you know more about the history of fireworks, why not visit one of our firework shops? Or call our Slough branch on  07882 628379 to hear more about our cheap fireworks.

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